The DGM T-909 is a tablet that could contend any tablet out there on the market today. The T-909 is a 9 inch digital panel which enables the touch screen feature of the tablet the visual display of the screen is crystal clear and very sharp resolution. The tablet is an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this operating system isn’t the newest Android but still runs quick and smoothly so you can browse the web, play angry birds or watch catch up television and movies via Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

You have control of over a thousand apps of your choice with the Google Play market. This is a massive feature as some tablets use alternative markets and you will be able to tell the quality of Google Play market compared to others as some of the apps that you can download for free on the Google market will have a cost on any other app market. You can download a variety of apps on Google Play from games, television streaming apps, social networking and a variety of shopping apps; this allows you to browse products that they sell but quicker and better than waiting for the website to load up.

You can play graphical games on the tablet without any glitches. We know this because we have had a colleague test it for a week and he has written a review that will be included within this review and he has said that he has played a variety of games without no glitches including the new Angry Birds Star Wars.

You can connect via your WiFi or if you’re out and about you can connect to say a café Wi-Fi. Searching the internet is quick with the web browser. You should have no problem searching the internet.

You can play lots of music and video files no matter the format. The T-909 allows you to watch videos and listen to your music whether it is out loud or through your ear phones as the tablet has a 3.5 mm jack.

The memory that is within the tablet is acceptable. It has a storage memory of 4GB with the option to go and add more memory externally by adding an SD card. You can go up to 32 GB, if you chose to do this, obviously it would give you more memory, it would also increase possible speeds. If you’re in to all your entertainment and playing games 4 GB might get used up quicker than you thought. The tablet has 512 MB RAM which for a tablet is really good, because the apps that you download aren’t that big in memory, therefore 512 MB is really good as you can have a fair amount of apps open at the same time and it wouldn’t affect the performance of the tablet.

You can use the tablet as an e-reader so you can read your books and magazines digitally. You can download different apps to do this, the apps may be free but the reading material may not be. You can also increase the brightness on the screen, for example, when you’re reading in bed or if it’s too bright you can also turn it down if you’re already in light and you can read the screen.

As I have mentioned above a colleague took the tablet home and tested it for a week here is what he said:

Peter Meehan of TV and Video Direct:

"I’ve had the DGM T-909 9 inch tablet for about a week and I must say I’m impressed.

The DGM T909 is a full Android tablet with full access to the Google Play market. Unlike some other entry level tablets, which have their own mini markets and can sometimes charge more for apps or simply not have the choice of the full Play market, the DGM has no restrictions at all. The tablet runs Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest operating system makes using the tablet, child’s play. It’s very easy to use, intuitive and fast.

I have played Angry Birds Star Wars, Up Hill Racer and loads of others, no stuttering, just super smooth game play and bright vibrant colours, the sound is also very good. I have watched BBC iPlayer using the headphone socket for sound, it was nice and fast.

Onboard memory is only 4GB, but unlike most other modern tablets, you can simply add a Micro SD card, I purchased a 32GB one for £15 online, meaning I can store my entire music collection there.

The 9 inch tablet also lends itself really well for reading on; I purchased a PDF magazine and using Adobe Reader, started to read. I flipped the tablet into portrait mode and the magazine span around and it automatically fitted the screen. Again the tablet was great, smooth page transitions and really easy to read. I adjusted the backlight down when reading in bed, to make it easy to read. That worked a treat.

EPUB is the file type used by most of the large online book companies and the tablet is compatible with this system, I downloaded a free EPUB file and just like the PDF, it was a pleasure to read.

In my experience I can’t fault the DGM tablet. In fact, I challenge you to find a better tablet for the money.

This is proving to be the bargain of the year, no real need to spend £400+ on a tablet, this works great!"

So here is our take on the new DGM T-909 the tablet is of quality and for the price that you pay for it, we’re saying it’s worth it and it could compete with any top tablet on the market today.